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Cansiglio Forest and Golf Club

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Visit the wonderful Cansiglio forest, rich in fauna and a unique conformation with a green and luxuriant plain where there is also a Golf Club that can be visited.

Notes on the Cansiglio:

The Cansiglio, a plateau of the Carnic Pre-Alps located between the provinces of Belluno, Treviso and Pordenone, overlooks the Veneto plain with its external slopes to the south and east. Friuli, while to the north it is bordered by the Alpago region and to the north east by the Cavallo mountain range; finally, to the west, Val Lapisina separates it from Col Visentin.

With its characteristic basin shape, it is made up of three depressions in its central part: Pian Cansiglio, Valmenera and Cornesega, where you reach the lowest altitude (898 m).
The surrounding hills have a height around 1300 m, except to the west and south west, in correspondence with M. Millifret (1577 m) and M. Pizzoc (1565 m); to the east with M. Croseraz you reach 1694 m.
The main valley furrows, from which you enter the basin, are those of Campon (1050 m) to the north and that of Crosetta (1118 m) to the south.

The climate is cold temperate with cool summers. The cold air that descends from the internal slopes stagnates in the basin, giving rise to the characteristic phenomenon of thermal inversion: the temperature decreases proceeding from the surrounding hills to the lower central areas. The thermal extremes are included, albeit in exceptional conditions, between + 30 ° and -30 ° C.

Although the average annual rainfall is about 1800 mm, the watercourses with permanent regime do not exist due to the karst nature of the area. Atmospheric humidity assumes high values ​​almost all year round and often the basin is filled with a dense fog whose formation is due to the strong daily temperature range.